Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC includes in its structure:

  1. The main production site in Pesochnaya Buda, Gomel Region.
  2. The branch Grabovka of Gomel Region (the former state farm Zarya of Grabovka, Gomel Region).
  3. The branch Staroye Selo of Rahachow Region (the former poultry farm Rogachevskaya).
  4. The branch Yakimova Sloboda of Svetlogorsk Region (the former poultry farm Svetlogorskaya).
  5. The branch Kalimovka of Gomel Region (the former experimental base Gomelskaya of Klimovka, Gomel Region).

Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC is a producer of poultry meat based on a closed loop system.
The first stage begins in Staroye Selo of Rahachow Region, where the breeding farm for keeping the parent stock is located. It is equipped with the latest technology, i.e. it takes advantage of modern equipment of European manufacturers.


Then the hatching egg enters the incubator located on the central farm (Pesochnaya Buda, Gomel Region), where the eggs are incubated in order to obtain the day-old young hybrids by controlling the incubation period with the help of computer equipment of the leading company Petersime (Belgium).


The next process is raising broiler chickens using the floor and cage methods of housing on the equipment of European manufacturers (Neoforce-Agrotechnologies, Big Datchman, Techna) according to the modern technologies and with the use of computer control of all processes of poultry farming.


The grown-up bird enters the slaughter and processing facilities, where with the help of modern equipment of the leading European companies Linko (Denmark), Sistem Numafa (Holland) it is processed, disjointed, pre-packed and packaged with the use of a modern semi-automatic poultry packaging machine of Japanese and Swiss manufacturers. Only a few leading enterprises of the republic have the devices, with which the slaughter and processing facilities are equipped. The enterprise has a well-equipped warehouse for the finished products of the slaughter facilities with a pallet racking system.


The products from the slaughter facilities mostly enter the trade network, and part of them (15-18%) are processed at the sausage-making facility for producing different types of sausage products, meat dumplings, cutlets, smoked products, etc. In total, the range of the sausage-making facility products contains more than 200 items.


The enterprise provides production and radiological control of both raw products and sausage-making facility products.
Laboratory research is conducted in two accredited laboratories of the enterprise, where the products are subject to the most severe control of organoleptic and physicochemical properties.
The company was one of the first in Gomel Region to receive a certificate of compliance of the quality management system and safety of production of broiler chicken meat on the basis of hazard analysis and critical control points HACCP STB 14701-2004.


One of the main directions of the company is to provide high quality products to the buyer and ensure compliance with temperature regimes during transportation, as the delivery of products to stores is daily performed by their own transport, which excludes large stocks of food in stores.


More than half of the products manufactured are sold through the trade network of Zhar-ptitsa, which include 40 outlets throughout Gomel Region.
All the outlets of the company are equipped with modern refrigerating equipment and air-conditioning system.



Structure Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC

Pesochnaya Buda


The industrial site of Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC is located in Pesochnaya Buda at a distance of 20 km from Gomel.

The industrial site has a form of a rectangle. Its area is 25 hectares.

The State Land Use Act № 1190 was issued by the Gomel Regional Executive Committee on April 16, 2003.

The master plan was approved according to the technological interconnection of the facilities. The objects on the industrial site are placed taking into account the approach of external communications. The distances between the objects are determined by the sanitary and fire regulations, as well as by the requirements for laying utility lines.

The buildings and the territory of the enterprise are fully provided with the necessary infrastructure.

Currently, the main buildings and structures are located on the territory of the industrial site of the enterprise:

  • administrative building;
  • 30 poultry houses;
  • poultry slaughter and processing facilities;
  • incubator;
  • central warehouse;
  • sausage-making facility; smokehouse;
  • feed room; food storage;
  • repair shops;
  • garage;
  • boiler room;
  • sanitary inspection room;
  • store № 2;
  • grain cleaning and drying complex KZSV-40G, which includes 4 (four) grain storage tanks with a capacity of 2 (two) thousand tons each;
Staroye Selo

Branch Staroye Selo (Rahachow Region)

In 2005, the unprofitable Poultry Farm Rogachevskaya of Rahachow Region was affiliated with Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC. And now the branch Staroye Selo is the structural unit of Poultry Farm Rassvet.

Currently, the second-generation breeding farm is located on the territory of this branch, where highly productive crosses of broiler-breeders ROSS 308, i.e. the Hubbard FLEX, are used.

There are six (6) poultry houses for raising rearing birds and 16 (sixteen) poultry houses for keeping the parent flock. The branch has an egg warehouse with an automatic mode of primary disinfection and storage of eggs.

All the poultry houses are equipped with automatic feeding and watering systems with automatic ventilation and microclimate adjustment from the leading European manufacturers.

Yakimova Sloboda

Branch Yakimova Sloboda (Svetlogorsk Region)

In 2011, the unprofitable Poultry Farm Svetlogorskaya - now the branch Yakimova Sloboda of Svetlogorsk Region, was affiliated with Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC. During the accession process, not a single subdivision functioned at the poultry farm Svetlogorskaya.

Currently, the production site of the branch Yakimova Sloboda includes:

  • 15 (fifteen) poultry houses, 12 (twelve) of which are equipped with poultry cages of TECHNA Production Association LLC, and 3 (three) of them are equipped with floor housing devices (manufacturer Big Dutchman);
  • Since 2015, the slaughter and processing facilities with a capacity of 3000 birds per hour have been launched (manufacturer SZLACHET-STAL Polska)..

Branch Grabovka (Gomel Region)

In 2000, the state farm Zarya of Gomel Region was affiliated with Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC. Now it is the structural unit of Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC and it is called Grabovka.

Currently, the territory of the site includes:

  • 3 (three) poultry houses with cage housing;
  • grain cleaning and drying complex KZSV-30G, which includes 6 (six) grain silos with a capacity of 2 (two) thousand tons each;
  • MechPark;
  • The company store № 8 in Grabovka.

Kalimovka JSC (Gomel Region)

01/01/1982 год – the state farm Gomelskiy was changed to the Elite Seed Farm Gomelskiy (Order of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the USSR and Resolution of the Executive Committee of the Gomel Regional Council of People`s Deputies № 579 of December 14, 1981).
01/03/1992 год – Elite Seed Farm Gomelskiy was changed to Experimental Base Gomelskaya (Resolution of the Gomel Regional Council of People`s Deputies № 49 of February 29, 1992)
01/07/2002 год– Experimental Base Gomelskaya (Collective Farming Unitary Enterprise) (Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus № 258 of July 11, 2002, Resolution of the Gomel Regional Council of Deputies № 96 of September 27, 2002).
01/01/2010 год – Experimental Base Gomelskaya JSC (Resolution of the Gomel Regional Council of Deputies № 37-69 of December 31, 2009).
30/06/2011 год - Experimental Base Gomelskaya JSC was affiliated with Combine State Farm Sozh JSC (agricultural settlement Novaya Guta).
22/12/2014 год - Combine State Farm Sozh JSC was reorganized through the spin-off of Kalimovka JSC (Resolution of the shareholder meeting № 46 of December 22, 2014).
2015 год – Kalimovka JSC was reorganized. It was affiliated with Poultry Farm Rassvet JSC and became its structural unit.

Currently, the production site of the branch Kalimovka JSC includes:

  1. MechPark;
  2. Commercial dairy farm (2 cowsheds and 3 calf houses);
  3. Milking unit Yolochka.