About company

Open Joint-stock Company “Poultry farm “Rassvet” is one of the first poultry farming companies in Gomel region.
Since 2006 the plant equipment has been constantly renewed. We have purchased and installed new high-qualified imported poultry equipment for the young birds’ growth and the adult birds’ maintenance.
For many years, “Poultry farm “Rassvet” JSC has supplied its customers with high-quality products. We are focused on the real needs and interests of customers, and constantly strive to confirm and maintain the declared level of quality, which brought our products a high market reputation.

Our products

In 2015 the sales volume of “Poultry Farm “Rassvet” JSC comprised 19 000 tons of live weight. High quality of the product and its range attract not only wholesale buyers, but also the end user, determining its choice in favor of “Poultry Farm “Rassvet” JSC as a manufacturer.

The assortment of our products includes poultry meat, semi-finished products from poultry meat, cooked meats, wieners and sausages, smoked products, eggs.


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Выплаты дивидендов
Решение о выплате дивидендов было принято на очередном (годовом) общем собрании акционеров 23.03.2018 года.